1,000 Sudokus in Your Pocket!

Get ready for the ultimate Sudoku experience! Over 1,000 sudokus are waiting for you. Choose between 5 levels of difficulty. You never played Sudoku before? Get started with easy mode! Learn the basics through the built-in tutorial. Unlimited hints and the helpful notes feature are there for you. Sudoku pros will love the expert mode with super challenging puzzles that even gave our testers nightmares. A thousand sudokus are not enough? Play random sudokus against time & beat your own highscore!



  • 1000+ Sudoku puzzles
  • 5 levels of difficulty
  • Pick from 3 relaxing graphic themes
  • Several music themes optimized to strengthen your focus
  • Take notes if you’re not completely sure about a value yet
  • Get hints in case you feel lost
  • Autofill all notes feature to help you better understand the design of a puzzle